The meaning of Hermès objects

01.18.2018 in Retail

The French maison Hermès inaugurated its exhibition “Objectology, the meaning of objects” at the Patricia Ready art gallery on Tuesday, November 22, 2017. The exhibition surprised with a sample of 50 iconic objects of the house, 25 corresponding to pieces from the late nineteenth and…

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2015 Hermes Chile Event

11.19.2015 in Retail

Over 200 guests attended the Hermes Chile annual event in Santiago held at the Hermes store in Alonso De Cordova. People enjoyed a night of “flanerie” (French word for an aimless idle behavior) in a beautiful environment recreating the ambiance and sophistication of a typical…

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Hermes – Chile news

03.18.2015 in Retail

Saint Honore Chile, a subsidiary of Miami-based ACTIUM and Panama-based St Honore, inaugurated their new 2,500 sq ft Hermes store located in the Alonso De Cordoba street in Santiago, Chile. The store underwent a six month, complete remodeling led by RDAI, the Paris-based Hermes architecture…

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The Passage: Voyage through the link of Universe

03.18.2015 in Retail

Hermès Panama presented their artistic window displays entitled “The passage: Voyage through the link of Universe”, created by Jong Hwa Duly Lee. Hermès has joined the 100 year celebration of the Panama Canal through their window representation which commemorates the French contribution towards the construction…

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Michael Kors Opening in Chile

10.17.2014 in Retail

ACTIUM is pleased to announce, in partnership with Panama-based Saint Honore, the opening of the first Michael Kors store at the airport of Santiago, Chile. The new 100 square meter store will follow on the 30 year history of Michael Kors which features distinctive designs, materials…

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Hermes Panama Launch – Metamorphosis

07.02.2014 in Retail

In order to launch and celebrate this year’s theme, Metamorphosis, Hermes Panama invited their VIC to a magical night at world renowned Architect Frank Gehry’s BioMuseum. The theme of the night centered around the world’s biodiversity, and illustrated the role of Panama in this metamorphosis….

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Michael Kors News

12.19.2013 in Retail

ACTIUM will open in 2014, in partnership with Panama-based Saint Honore, a 100 m2 Michael Kors store at the airport of Santiago, Chile. Since launching his namesake brand 30 years ago, Michael Kors has featured distinctive designs, materials and craftsmanship with a jet-set aesthetic that combines stylish elegance and…

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